Artist Statement :

Art Therapy awakened a passion for visual expression already predominant in my family of artists (painters & architects). Painting enables me to explore my inner world expressing it with my fingers and brushes. I never know where my colorful wanderings will take me. Sometimes, the introspection is painful, obsessive but the outcome is always a relief, extremely pleasant and soothing.
My paintings delve into my inner world, my quest for identity, and spirituality. I mix the abstract and the figurative, using a variety of techniques (acrylic, gouache, pastel, oil and collage). Combining raw materials and rich texture relief, renders my work into “paintings-sculptures”.

My inspiration is drawn from a variety of sources :

- Primarily Negritude (Blackness). Having lived in Africa, in my youth. I have strong feelings toward the African continent history and aesthetics.
- North-African ornamental art.
- The eyes, since the eye is the mirror of the soul.
- Painters such as Picasso and Modigliani, masters in depicting the human face and body. Klimt, for his intricate sophistication; as well as Hundertwasser, Alechinsky and others for their abstraction.
- Childhood memories, my dreams, my fantasies, and my travels.
- And finally, Martinique, where I live since 2001. A place that has diversified my paintings, intensified my palette, and enhanced my context.
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Painting Details


- 1st year : ATEPP-CEFAT (Centre d’enseignement et de formation en art thérapie), Paris, France
- drawing and watercolor at l’Atelier Les Pinceaux.

- 2nd year - art-therapy at the ATEPP-CEFAT – Paris XIV
- Drawing course at Atelier de Pontault-Combault, in Seine-et-Marne;
- Exhibition gallery for young artists at Rennes.
- Group exhibition at Châteaudouble, in le Var.
- Visual art & art therapy workshop for children, in Seine-et-Marne, which I created and directed.

- 3rd year art-therapy at the ATEPP-CEFAT in Paris;
- Creating and instructing a Children Visual Art & Art Therapy workshop in Seine-et-Marne.
- Co-instructing an Art-therapy workshop at the psychiatric hospital in Melun.
- Writing a thesis on Visual Art Therapy.
- Anatomical drawing at l’École Boulle;
- Live Model nude drawing at the Duperret school.
- Clay molding at l’Atelier Les Pinceaux, Paris.

- Obtained diploma in art-therapy;